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HELP US HELP THE CHILDREN – A Project of Registered Canadian Charitable Organization Dopomoha Ukraini

The founder and driving force behind Help Us Help The Children (HUHTC),Ruslana and the Walkathon team are excited to announce HUHTC’s main fundraiser for 2018, a 650 kilometre Walkathon beginning in Kyiv and ending in Vorokhta. This year marks the twenty-fifth year of HUHTC’s work on the ground in Ukraine and Ruslana will be walking 650 kilometers to help raise awareness and donations for the orphaned children of Ukraine. For over twenty-five years, HUHTC has worked tirelessly to deliver humanitarian aid to those children who need it most; providing material goods, education and joy to Ukrainian orphans – children who are desperately in need of attention, care and support.

Please support HELP US HELP THE CHILDREN and Ruslana as they take their passion to the streets of Ukraine, literally, as they walk from Kyiv (the capital city of Ukraine) to Vorokhta (the village in Western Ukraine where camps organized for orphan children by HUHTC take place) stopping in over 40 locations, covering over 650km by foot.

Help Us Help the Children will keep all of our supporters up to date on with weekly updates, as we will be documenting the Walkathon and sharing with you all of Ruslana and the Walkathon Team’s adventures, visits to orphanages, meetings with local dignitaries and any other notables along the way.

At the end of the Walkathon, Ruslana and the Walkathon Team will be joined by over 200 orphan children attending this years Summer Camp for Orphans 2018, which is sure to be a joyous last leg of the Walkathon.


Canadian Charity Project Helping Ukrainian Orphans Celebrates Its Anniversary with Walkathon Journey

The Cause

Today there are an estimated 106,000 children living in 750 orphanages/institutions across Ukraine. This figure does not include those displaced as a result of the current conflict in the East.

  • Only 8,000 are true orphans, the rest are socially orphaned (meaning that their caregivers are unable to care for them).
  • On average, 250 children enter the system each day, significantly more than the number graduating.
  • 20% of children graduating the system end up in prison.
  • 10% attempt or commit suicide.
  • Less than 1% make it to university

Since 1993, Help Us Help The Children (HUHTC) – a project of Dopomoha Ukraini -Aid Ukraine- together with The New Generation International Charitable Fund has been dedicated to improving the quality of life of children living in orphanages and institutions across Ukraine. Throughout the past 25 years, we have delivered programs and initiatives for children designed to assist them in building a strong foundation, developing self-esteem, transferable life skills and empowering them to reach limitless goals and opportunities.

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HUHTC by the Numbers

  • HUHTC has raised over $25 million CAD in 25 years.
  • Over 10,500 children’s lives have been directly impacted by HUHTC’s camps.
  • We have organized 60 Humanitarian Aid routes, delivering formula, medication, clothing, and toys to orphanages across Ukraine.
  • We have financially supported over 250 orphanage graduates in their postsecondary education.
  • Over 200 volunteers have traveled to Ukraine over the years for camps and aid routes.

Our Ongoing Initiatives

  • Annual Summer Camps (since 1996) – societal and life skills training for orphans, displaced children, and children of fallen soldiers.
  • Annual Winter Camps (since 2004) – societal and life skills training for orphans, displaced children, and children of fallen soldiers.
  • Scholarship Program (since 1998) – financial scholastic support and mentorship through seminars and life-skills training workshops.
  • Anti- Trafficking Initiative.
  • AIDS Awareness Programs.

Who we are

Help Us Help The Children (HUHTC) is a voluntary, non-profit charitable initiative dedicated to improving the quality of life of children living in orphanages in Ukraine. It is a project of Dopomoha Ukraini – Aid Ukraine.

What we do

Through a variety of initiatives and programs, Help Us Help The Children provides orphaned children and those deprived of parental care with immediate aid and ongoing support. Our mission is to improve their quality of life and health; and create opportunities allowing them to reach their maximum potential.

Our Success

We are proud of our many success stories – witnessing children grow up within our program, graduating from university, having their own families and even coming back as volunteers to help other children along the same path.

$500 CAD

To send one child to a two-week camp.

$1600 CAD

To support a scholarship student for the academic year.