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[accordian] [toggle title=”Humanitarian Aid Route” open=”yes”]We are in constant contact with directors of orphanages across Ukraine, providing us with an overview of the supplies needed. Summer and Winter Campers are among those which receive from the distribution route initiative. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Facts”]Although conditions have improved since our early beginnings, there are still many orphanages which do not have the resources to properly care for their children. They often wear worn out clothes and shoes, lack basic medical supplies and educational materials. Each item donated and received is greatly appreciated. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Our Routes”] Donations are shipped and gathered from all areas, world wide. A team of HUHTC volunteers hand delivers collected items to orphanages across the country. We typically have 3 or 4 caravans with large trucks, which leave from Kyiv and cover Eastern, Western and Southern Regions of Ukraine. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Our Success”] Our outreach teams have traveled a combined distance of over 170,000 km throughout 25 Oblasts (Provinces) of Ukraine. Over 35,000 children in more than 205 orphanages, 16 hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics, have benefited from medical supplies, baby formula, clothes, educational toys and materials. Members of the Help Us Help The Children and Ukrainian team have distributed over 980 tons of purchased and/or donated goods with a retail value of approximately $16,000,000CAD. In over 20 years of activity, we have seen much improvement in the state of orphanages across the country. However our job is still far from over. Many orphans are still lacking the basics of proper clothes, shoes or medical supplies.[/toggle]

We collect donations in Ukraine and Canada.
You can send us new or used (in good condition) summer and winter clothes, shoes, toys, and other supplies.
If you wish to make a contribution please call us for futher details about shipments.
Our head office is located in Toronto.
Tel: +1 (416) 604-4611

To make a donation from the United States please click here.

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