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[accordian] [toggle title=”AIDS & HIV Awareness” open=”yes”] During summer and winter camps, specialized workshops are organized to educate the children about these diseases, their prevention, including general health and wellness tips. Visits with educators to orphanages are also organized.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Facts”]Ukraine has the highest percentage of AIDS in Europe. It is among the fastest growing AIDS epidemics in the world. Orphaned children are very vulnerable to it’s spread.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Workshops”]There are a variety of different workshops offered by trained professionals. Children are split into small groups where they are educated in form of instruction, open conversation, plays, interactive games and many more.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Our Success”] We hope to reach as many children as possible, with proper education in order to see the statistics of those affected decrease! [/toggle] [/accordian]

To make a donation from the United States please click here.

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