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[accordian] [toggle title=”Anti-Trafficking Initiative” open=”yes”] The Help Us Help The Children Anti-Trafficking initiative is focused on education and important preventative measures, as far too many orphaned children fall pray to human traffickers, being forced into prostitution and slave labour.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Facts”]Orphans in Ukraine are particularly vulnerable to human traffickers, due to the economic limitations and difficulties they face after leaving their orphanages. They often easily fall prey to human traffickers who promise them employment in other countries, only to later force them into prostitution or slave labour. It is estimated that 60% of orphaned young girls are lured into prostitution after leaving their orphanages.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Workshops”]Summer and Winter Camp workshops provide the children with useful, preventive information regarding trafficking. Throughout the years, we have also organized various anti-trafficking (ATI) events and fundraisers. We have been invited to speak at various meetings and functions to help make others aware of this horrible human rights crisis. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Our Success”] Our workshops and initiatives have been well received by all, we can only hope that we are able to decrease the number of victims. We realize our work in ensuring a better outcome for the children after they leave their orphanages has just begun, lots more is needed to be done![/toggle] [/accordian]

Our Handbook

With the assistance of Winrock International, our staff in Ukraine, our graduate scholarship students the HUHTC-ATI initiative provides the majority of graduating orphans, summer and winter campers with a “survival” handbook (about Working Abroad), which contains useful information and trafficking hotlines throughout the world.

Summer & Winter Camps

At our Summer and Winter Camps, all children attend workshops aimed at educating the children and increasing awareness on the issue of human trafficking. We believe these preventative measures are essential for saving lives.

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