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With our team as they travel from Kyiv and ending in Vorokhta.


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Stay connected with Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj and her fabulous team as they make their monumental 650 kilometre Walkathon beginning in Kyiv and ending in Vorokhta.

Stay up to date with her location, kilometres traveled and share with her as she connects with Ukrainian youth from Kyiv to Vorokhta.

Day 56 – The Finish Line – Vorokhta

Day 56: Vorokhta  650+ km 

And that’s a wrap!

The walkathon team made it to Vorokhta and were welcomed by hundreds of children, volunteers, and dedicated supporters, including the Canadian consul Dr. Oksana Wynnyckyj and members of the Canadian Armed Forces- Operation Unifier.

An emotional ending to the two-month journey, and a positive start to Summer Camp 2018 —celebrating 25 years of our work in Ukraine.

Thank you to every person who supported our team. You have impacted Ukraine’s new generation in a positive way.

Stay tuned for pictures of more smiling faces as our dedicated volunteers carry out an amazing camp program for these children.

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Day 55: 641 km completed

Day 55: 641 km completed, 9 km until the FINISH line and Summer Camp 2018!!!

It’s hard to believe that two months have flown by since Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj and her team began their walk out of Kyiv.

Tomorrow, over 300 camp participants, sponsors, international volunteers and members of the Canadian Armed Forces will accompany the walkathon team for the final 5km, to the start of this year’s summer camp.

Twenty-five years ago, Wrzesnewskyj founded “Help Us Help the Children” (HUHTC), a registered Canadian charity, which delivers humanitarian aid to orphanages all over Ukraine, organizes life skills camps for orphan children, and runs a scholarship program for graduates of the orphanage system. Since it’s inception, over 11,000 children have been directly impacted by the organization’s initiatives.

The team of walkers is made up of orphans, dedicated sponsors, and volunteers, including 

Day 53 – Rest Day

Day 53: rest day

3 days until the end of the walkathon. The children arrive tomorrow!

This beautiful sign was painted by one of our volunteers to celebrate 25 years of our work on Ukrainian soil.

Very exciting days ahead! Stay tuned!

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Day 49: Kosiv

Day 44: visiting some group homes/boarding houses in Snyatyn

Today our team spent some quality time with amazing individuals residing at two institutions in Snyatyn. The residences, divided over two locations, house approximately 300 men aged 18-82!

Support the walk and Ukraine’s orphans by visiting www.huhtc.org

Visit www.huhtc.org/blog to track our journey!

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