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We have a variety of initiatives which aid the children. Learn more about these projects, and donate today!

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Summer Camp

Every year, hundreds of orphan children and those deprived of parental care (ages 8-18), come together to the picturesque Carpathian Mountains, where they take part in workshops aimed at prevention and rehabilitation. They are offered medical examinations and are taught important life skills.
Approximate cost of Summer Camp $150,000 to $180,000 (depending on size of camp / number of children)

Winter Camp

Winter Camp gives children (ages 13-16) the unique opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a family atmosphere, away from their orphanages. During their 10 day stay, they share a traditional Christmas dinner, exchange gifts, go door to door singing Christmas carols, and enjoy skiing with instruction in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains.
It is an unforgettable experience aimed at developing the children’s understanding of their national identify and providing social rehabilitation.

Scholarship Program

Since 1999, HUHTC has taken a crucial role in aiding orphans in attaining post-secondary education. Through financial aid in the form of a stipend, many less fortunate orphans are able to receive the financial and social support needed to complete their degree. This experience further develops their social rehabilitation and provides them with a multitude of professional opportunities. They are also provided with clothes, shoes, educational supplies, transportation and other basic necessities.
It costs approximately $1,550 to fund a child for one year towards a Bachelor Degree.

Aid Route

At least twice a year, multiple trucks leave our head office in Kyiv, and cover pre-arranged routes, providing humanitarian aid to orphanages across the country. The children receive personally delivered medications, vitamins, clothes, toys, educational materials and more. Medical aid is largely sponsored by pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine and Canada. Our aid routes have provided over 220 boarding schools and 50,000 orphans with assistance.

Anti Trafficking Initiative (ATI)

The main goal of this project is to prevent and fight the child trafficking. Orphaned boys and girls are at high risk, they are primary targets. During summer and winter camps, specialized workshops are organized to educate children on how to avoid becoming easy targets to traffickers who provide false information about working abroad, or trick them into giving away their passports and compromise their identities.

HIV / Aids Awareness

Ukraine has the highest percentage of aids in Europe. During summer and winter camps, specialized workshops are organized educated the children about the disease, it’s prevention, including general health and wellness tips.

General Donation

A General Donation will go towards a fund in most need. In order to cover costs of all these programs, and ensure they continue running, we need to reach our yearly fundraising goal of $250,000. Any contribution is greatly appreciated, and can help change the lives of many orphaned children living in Ukraine.