Day 46: Zabolotiv

Day 46: Zabolotiv ✅ This morning, our group visited the Hvizdetska orphanage before continuing to walk towards the mountainside. We are also very happy to welcome our newest team member, Ms. Alexandra Chyczij, First Vice President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - UCC National, who will be walking with [...]

Day 45: Hvizdychiv

Day 45: Hvizdychiv The mountains are close, you can feel it in the air! Visit to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління #dopomohaukraini#ukraine #canada #650km

Day 44 – Rest Day in Snyatyn

Day 44: visiting some group homes/boarding houses in Snyatyn Today our team spent some quality time with amazing individuals residing at two institutions in Snyatyn. The residences, divided over two locations, house approximately 300 men aged 18-82! Support the walk and Ukraine’s orphans by visiting Visit to track our [...]

Day 42: Horodenka

Day 42: Horodenka ✅ A hot, hot, day. Our team official crossed into the Ivano-Frankivska Region. We are in the home stretch! 120 km to go! Visit to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління #dopomohaukraini#ukraine #canada #650km

Day 41: Nyrky

Day 41: Nyrky ✅ Some longtime HUHTC volunteers and very special guests took part in the walk today! Longtime sponsors, Олександр Шевченко and @Микола Палійчук joined us for a beautiful walking experience through Ternopilska Oblast, close to the Ivano Frankivsk border! Visit to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління #dopomohaukraini#ukraine #canada #650km [...]

Day 40

Day 40!!! Today our team was very impressed by the orphanages and foster homes they visited in the Ternopilska Region! “They are light years ahead with reforms,” according to Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj. Have a look at our busy day filled with visits. Visit to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram [...]

Day 39: Chortkiv

Day 39: Chortkiv✅ Resting up after a strenuous day. Visit to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління #dopomohaukraini#ukraine #canada #650km

Day 38: Probizha

Day 38: Probizha village✅ Blue skies today as the the walkathon continued through the Ternopilska region! Can anyone spot what’s missing? If you answered a big white cast on Ruslana’s arm, then you are correct! Today was Ruslana’s first day walking without the deadweight since she took a tumble [...]

Day 37

Day 37: Kamyanets-Podilsky ✅ Today our team had the pleasure of meeting with some very honourable Canadians, stationed in the historical Western Ukrainian city. Capitan Jean-Paul Hachey & MWO Pierre Marcotte and other members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are part of Operation UNIFIER - a mission to [...]

Day 36 – Rest Day

Day 36: day of rest ✅ As our team rests up for the final three weeks of the walk, let’s look back at how much joy they were able to bring to Ukraine’s forgotten children this past week. A simple act of kindness goes a long way. Thank you [...]

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