Day 35: Ternopil’ska oblast ✅ Our team is resting their feet, 295 km away from Vorokhta. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far and remember that it is never to late to send a deserving child to experience summer camp 2018. Visit www.huhtc.org to make a donation. Visit www.huhtc.org/blog to [...]

Day 34

Day 34: walking through Sataniv ✅ After a very trying week, our team continued walking through the charming village in the Khmelnytskyj region. Visit www.huhtc.org/blog to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління #dopomohaukraini#ukraine #canada #650km

Day 33

Day 33: Sataniv village✅ Today our team distributed much-needed supplies and small gifts to a camp of orphans at the Sosnivka Sanatorium. The kids and staff were excited about our visit. The other half of our team continued walking towards our destination. Visit www.huhtc.org/blog to track our journey! Follow us [...]


These photos are from our visit to the Khmelnitsky orphanage-boarding school. While there were no children that day, we talked with the director of this institution, and were impressed. We learned that several graduates of this institution went to fight in Ukraine’s east. Unfortunately, one died in Ilovaysk, [...]

Day 32

On July 10, our walkathon team visited a children's group home of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council. We were incredibly impressed with the cozy conditions created for children. The director of the orphanage introduced us to the kids, some of which were invited to join us at summer camp! [...]

Ethno-cultural Festival (Івана Купала)

В 29й день ходотону ми відвідали Етно-фестиваль «Івана Купала» в Староконстянтинові в замку Князів Острозьких. Нас гостинно і з пошаною зустріла дирекція замку та мерія міста. Ми мали змогу розповісти про наш проект, який змінює життя дітей-сиріт протягом 25 років. Фестиваль був дуже насичений, виступало багато ансамблів, гуртів [...]

Day 31

Day 31: a day spent visiting orphanages Our team had an emotion-filled day, visiting various orphanages throughout Khmel’nytsk. Today they stopped in at the “Хмельницька загальноосвітня санаторна школа-інтернат 1-3 ступенів номер 2” and “Дитячий будинок Хмельницької обласної ради”. We are happy that the director of the school agreed [...]

Day 30

Day 30: a walk through the Medzhybizh village ✅ Another day spent walking through the village. Our team visited an the Medzhybizh Orphanage (pictures to follow) and a castle. Visit www.huhtc.org/blog to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління #dopomohaukraini#ukraine #canada #650km

Day 29

Day 29: Medzhybizh village ✅ After an extremely productive day yesterday, (raising awareness about the project at a festival, rescuing a cat, celebrating « Ivana Kupala ») the group has continued on with their journey! Visit www.huhtc.org/blog to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління #dopomohaukraini#ukraine #canada #650km [...]

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