Day 7

Day 7: Kozhanka village✅ Another 14km completed, and the last day of walking this first week! The team has walked over 80km already, and are that much closer to their final destination! Visit to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління#dopomohaukraini #ukraine #canada #650km [...]

Day 6

Fastiv Day 6✅ Another 16.8 km completed today! Well done team! After severe thunderstorms last night, the walkers made their way towards Fastiv this morning. Along the way, a lovely family in a village welcomed them into their home to taste some [...]

Day 5

Olenivka Day 5✅ 30 + degrees out, but the walking continues! “This has been such an inspirational journey,” says Ruslana . “The group has really bonded-everyone is fantastic.” Ruslana is walking with Patricia Shmorhun , longtime HUHTC supporter and co-owner of Porcelain Dent, co-founder of Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family [...]

Day 4

Vasylkiv Kilometres to Go Day 4 ✅ First day of rest after 3 days of intensive walking. The team is cooling off in Vasylkiv, but the training continues! Tomorrow, 15 more kilometres! Visit to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління#dopomohaukraini #ukraine #canada #650km [...]

Day 3

Vasylkiv Day 3 ✅ Our team has completed their third day of walking and are resting up in Vasylkiv. Many locals along the route have approached them to show their support! Tomorrow, a short 5km walk and then a well deserved afternoon off! [...]

Day 2

Kyiv Countryside Kilometres to Go Walkathon Day 2 ✅ Our group is resting up after a day of walking through the Kyiv countryside. Visit to track our journey! Follow us on Instagram @huhtc.novepokolinnya #huhtcwalks #walkathon #ходотон #новепокоління#dopomohaukraini #ukraine #canada #650km

Kick Off

Kyiv Kilometres to Go 10 червня з центру Києва стартував Ходотон "Крок у майбутнє для дітей України". Учасниками ходи стали волонтери з Канади та України, Посол Канади в Україні Роман Ващук, канадійські військові, учасники освітнього проекту "Стипендіат", наші добрі друзі та просто [...]