• w005261992

    Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj and her husband Andy Cottrell adopt a child from Ukraine. Both are appalled at the condition of orphanages in Ukraine and the fate of children residing in them.

  • w005381993

    Ruslana and Andy decide to try to help in some way. Begin to collect clothing and goods. Humanitarian aid deliveries begin on a small scale; goods are packed and stored in garages and delivered in suitcases to Ukraine.

  • w005361994

    Larger distribution routes are organized, delivering to approximately 60 orphanages. Small group of volunteers raises funds, packs containers for shipment to Ukraine. Canadian volunteers accompany shipments and work with volunteers in Ukraine to deliver aid personally to orphanages. Help Us Help the Children (HUHTC) Project is formalized under the umbrella of the Children Of Chornobyl Canadian Fund. Receives endorsement and support from the Canadian Government (CIDA).

  • w00561995

    Founders’ meeting and registration of first charitable organization in newly independent Ukraine - Blahodiynjy  Fond “Tovarystvo Pryjateli Ditej” Fundraising activities expanded to include fashion shows, telethons, etc.

  • w005301996

    First camp organized for 110 children in the Carpathian mountains.  Prosthetic devices and dental supplies and services included in support provided to Ukraine.

  • w005291997

    Summer camp initiative continues with the involvement of volunteers from Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and USA. First Fundraising Gala held in Canada followed shortly by Fundraising Gala  in Kyiv, Ukraine under the auspices of the National Bank of Ukraine. HUHTC organizes first conference for orphanage directors and managers to introduce modern management techniques and child development practices. Association of Directors of Orphanages established.

  • w005241998

    Affiliate organizations expand across Canada and USA. Summer camps expanded to include 250 children. Train the trainer programs established for caregivers in children’s’ institutions in Ukraine.

  • w005221999

    Number of orphanages receiving HUHTC aid grows to 190. Association of Orphanage Directors registered in Ukraine. First scholarships established for post secondary education of gifted children in orphanages. That year the HUHTC supported two orphans who decided to study at the universities.   

  • w005372000-2003

    Number of North American volunteers reaches 200 encompassing all ages. Summer camps expanded to 400-500 participants each year. Number of children in institutions receiving assistance grows to 30,000. Number of institutions assisted exceeds 200. Post-secondary program formalized; provides ongoing assistance to gifted students. Humanitarian aid provided since 1993 reaches close to $14,500,000. Ongoing  prosthetic and dental programs. Computer training program initiated; 20 computers distributed to orphanages in 2002; another 20 computers to be distributed in 2003. 

  • w005 copy2003

    10 years celebration of achievements and volunteerism. HUHTC ATI (Anti -Trafficking Initiative) is initiated to address the exploitation that many orphans may be faced with when they leave the orphanage.

  • w005332004

    The first Winter Camp is held.  The program is designed to educate the attendees on the traditions of Christmas and New Years (with ancestral traditions) and give them the opportunity to experience the winter wonderland of the Carpathian Mountains.

  • w00542005

    After five long years a time-capsule containing the goals and dreams of “Camp 2000” attendees is reopened, bringing back many memories and allowing HUHTC organizers to assess their successes and future goals.   W-FIVE documentary, “Forgotten Children” is aired on CTV. Viktor Malarek and the W-Five team portray to the North American audiences the development and journey of HUHTC. The new Ukrainian Government acknowledges and accepts many of HUHTC’s recommendations on the reform process in Ukraine. Implementation of recommendations initiated in 2005

  • w00532007

    Projects receive grants from varies sources: - CIDA, Ukrainian Government - The Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports, Canadian Embassy in Ukraine and various sponsors and donors.

  • w005112008

    15th Anniversary Gala Presentation was held at Toronto’s Liberty Grand in recognition of HUHTC’s humanitarian assistance to thousands of orphan children in Ukraine.  As a special surprise twenty orphan children from the “Harmonia” orphanage in the city of Nikopol, from the Dnipropetrovsk oblast joined performers from Canada and Ukraine in delivering a very special thank you to the many Canadians whose unwavering support has given them hope for a brighter future.

  • w0052009

    Summer camp expanded to include 550 orphans in Odessa first time ever subsidized by the Ukrainian Government - Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports. Winter camp held in Vorokhta, Ukraine partially sponsored by Bukovel, Ukrainian Business Conglomerate.

  • w005122010

    Summer Camp once again held in the Carpathian Mountains in Vorochta partially subsidized by Bukovel

  • w005172011

    Summer and Winter camps were organized in Carpathian Mountains – Verhovyna and Mykulychin. A group of 10 Ukrainian orphans traveled to Canada to spend 1 month in Canada at the local Ukrainian summer camp.

  • w005152012

    HUHTC launched their first House Mingle Fundraiser that was very successful.

  • w005282013

    Celebrating 20th Anniversary of HUHTC achievements. HUHTC believes that every child deserves to be treated as a valued individual and to grow up in a loving and caring environment.Give a child hope for the future! Sponsor a child for camp or provide a scholarship! Become a part of our team! 

Who We Are

Help Us Help The Children (HUHTC) is a voluntary, non-profit charitable initiative dedicated to improving the quality of life of children living in orphanages in Ukraine. It is a project of Dopomoha Ukraini – Aid Ukraine.

How We Help

Through a variety of initiatives and programs, Help Us Help The Children provides orphaned children and those deprived of parental care with immediate aid and ongoing support. Our mission is to improve their quality of life and health; and create opportunities allowing them to reach their maximum potential.

Our Success

We are proud of our many success stories – witnessing children grow up within our program, graduating from university, having their own families and even coming back as volunteers to help other children along the same path.

Our Initiatives

Our Registered Charitable Organization Number 891205940RR0001
Donors will receive a charitable income tax receipt in Canada to the extent permitted by law.

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President and project coordinator: Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj
Program coordinator: Anka Wrzesnewskyj
Teresa Zenkovitch: Donation Coordinator
Accountant: Natalia Skrypnyk
Website coordinator: Adriana Luhovy
Alla Galych
Julia Krekovetsky

Executive Director (Nove Pokolinnya): Julia Vokaliuk
Technical support (Nove Pokolinnya): Serhij Perepiatenko
Scholarship program coordinator (In Ukraine): Vitalina Zelen’ko.

*For questions regarding financial statements, please contact us at contact@huhtc.org

How You Can Help

Anyone can help these children. No action or donation is too small. It is through collaborative efforts that we are able to make a difference.

Donor Promise

Nove Pokolinnya

Nove Pokolinnya is our sister charity organization running in Ukraine. We work closely together to make it all happen!

Help Us Help The Children

Through a variety of initiatives and programs, Help Us Help The Children provides orphaned children and those deprived of parental care with immediate aid and ongoing support. Our mission is to improve their quality of life and health; and create opportunities allowing them to reach their maximum potential.

Dopomoha Ukraini

Help Us Help The Children is a project of Dopomoha Ukraini – Aid Ukraine.