President and project coordinator: Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj
Program coordinator: Anka Wrzesnewskyj
Teresa Zenkovitch: Donation Coordinator
Accountant: Natalia Skrypnyk
Website coordinator: Adriana Luhovy
Alla Galych
Julia Krekovetsky

Executive Director (Nove Pokolinnya): Julia Vokaliuk
Technical support (Nove Pokolinnya): Serhij Perepiatenko
Scholarship program coordinator (In Ukraine): Vitalina Zelen’ko.

Canadian Volunteers

Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj

When adopting a baby girl from Ukraine, Ruslana and her husband were shocked at the conditions of the orphanages. The children were without proper clothing, nutrition or toys. For two years, they organized small-scale relief efforts, storing items in their garage and shipping supplies to Ukraine in suitcases.

In 1994 – Help Us Help The Children (HUHTC) was launched, organized under the umbrella of the Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund. Within the first two years hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised in donations.

Currently HUHTC supports over 200 orphanages throughout Ukraine. Their summer camps are attended by close to 500 children. An approximate 45,000 children have received their serves or supplies. Article Here .

Anka Wrzesnewskyj

Help Us Help The Children is a major aspect of my life. Over the years, I have been given the privilege to attend both summer camps and winter camps. My main roll within this charity is to organize volunteers, donations and fundraisers. I have also taken on the roll of designing, and writing the camp’s programs.
Through our educational workshops, we teach the children basic life skills along with transferable skills to better themselves as individuals.
We are confident that our program will help the children be prepared for their futures. HUHTC has forever changed my life.
The opportunity to work with such amazing Ukrainians is an indescribable experience. I believe it is important to continue our aid efforts in Ukraine because – there are so many children who need our support.

Krystina Waler

I have been volunteering with HUHTC for eight years now. Being a part of this amazing organization has bettered my life in more ways than I can count. The children we have had the privilege of working with have taught me so much about what is really important. This vulnerable population has so much love to give and we as volunteers as so lucky to be a part of their lives. I look forward to many more years of learning from the children of Ukraine and providing them with the support they need to help them achieve their dreams.

Oksana Hrycyna


Roman Kalyniuk

In the summer of 2009, I took my first trip to Ukraine to volunteer at summer camp with Help Us Help The Children. Although I had been attending volunteer meetings, helping with fund raising endeavors, and getting to know some of the volunteer team personally for a full year before making my first trip- nothing could have prepared me for the life changing experience waiting for me in the Carpathian Mountains. While I was somewhat nervous and emotionally apprehensive of precisely what lay in store for me, the moment those children began arriving from their respective corners of Ukraine, I found myself at home. I was home with a new extended family; a family that keeps growing each summer I return. With Help Us Help The Children I have discovered the universality of love, and the infinite capacity of the human heart. Слава Україні

Dianna Derhak

Help Is Help the Children is about love. The best part of camp is meeting amazing people and seeing how the camp experience shapes the lives of ALL who participate both children and adults.
We are a big family that keeps growing every year. I’ve been a part of the “fam” for almost two decades. The bond we share is love of the kids, Ukraine and HUHTC. It’s a bond that always stays with you. It’s wonderful to keep expanding and welcoming new “family” into the fold.
I appreciate this gift of belonging to something so special.
I’ve worn many hats for HUHTC in many roles. I traveled to all corners of Ukraine delivering humanitarian assistance to the orphanages, organized fun versions of “business school” teaching presentation skills, business plan writing, resumes, interviewing skills with real life business owners. I also brought the Medical Clinic on Wheels to Camp and helped with the medical and dental needs of the camp. One year, my little poodle went to camp and became a best buddy to the children especially the shy ones. The girls would braid the hair on his ears and everyone would squeal with delight when they saw him.
I must also confess, when I was a Group Counselor at Camp, the kids and I would sneak to town for ice cream. The townspeople always kept our secret.
HUHTC is extraordinary. It is a little piece of heaven.

Adriana Luhovy

There are no words to describe HUHTC and the impact it has on everyone involved. It is simply life-changing. I have been volunteering for HUHTC for many years, doing video work, photography, web design and promotion. Being reunited with some orphan children after a few years apart, made me realize this is something I know I can never walk away from. Being witness to the children’s growth and development throughout the years has been such a beautiful experience. All the volunteers are motivational and inspirational, a pleasure to work with and be around. I would love to see more people involved in this organization and hope to help get the word out! 

Teresa Zenkovich

HUHTC is an organization that not only supports orphans in Ukraine, but it also gives countless gifts to those who volunteer. As a relatively new member of the HUHTC team, my, and my families’ lives have been changed since that first experience at summer camp. Nothing can prepare you for the emotional experience of seeing 400 scared, tired, expectant orphaned children step off the train at 12:45 a.m. knowing that they are now in our capable care. Yes, we provide them with medical and dental assessment and treatments, clothing, hygiene packs, workshops, independent life skills, music, culture, dancing, athletics, laughter, support and love, but what those incredible children give us, is immeasurable. Their resolve, strength and courage is admirable and inspiring. We who have so much, have much to learn from spending time talking to, listening to and interacting with these young people. As the “Donations Coordinator” I am continually promoting and seeking opportunities to enhance the camp experience for our campers and share the physical comforts we take for granted with those in Ukraine who have so little.

Aleksandr Kuchmij

Let’s see, the year was 2011. I had just begun discovering my Ukrainian heritage, which included learning the language. I knew almost nothing and yet my Titka (aunt) insisted on me meeting this group of people who work with orphans in Ukraine.
So to get a feel, I volunteered as much as I could. Eventually, I got to know the other volunteers and soon felt a little more comfortable. In the end, I decided to just go for it. It was probably the best decision I ever made. It changed my life. I was completely sold; heart and soul to this wonderful charity, to Ukraine. Due to the fact that I couldn’t speak Ukrainian, all I did was smile and help where I could. But it didn’t matter; these kids didn’t care. Within a couple days they were all around me, begging for attention. I soon realized all they wanted in life was to be loved. I have been fortunate enough to attend every summer camp after that and one winter camp. To this day, I am still in contact with kids I met in my first camp. Since then, I devoted a year to living in Ukraine so I could become more adept with the language. I couldn’t have done it without the volunteers who showed me great compassion and even took me under their wing. Thanks:)

I am a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and an aspiring police officer. Whatever lies ahead, I hope it doesn’t stop me from returning.


Marta Cybulsky


Danylo Spolsky

When I was preparing for my first summer camp in 2006 I had no idea what a profound and lasting impact the kids would have on me. But after spending two weeks in the Karpaty Mountains of Western Ukraine I knew I was a “lifer” – a lifelong volunteer that would do anything to spend time with the kids year after year. So far, in 8 years I’ve attended 8 camps – summers without camp and without the kids just aren’t complete. The hope, the joy, and the motivation to grow that I see in the faces of the campers leave me with a great sense of optimism about future generations in Ukraine, and I strongly believe Help Us Help The Children has done its part to right some of the wrongs inflicted on underprivileged youth in Ukraine. For those reasons I will continue to do everything I can to help the organization and the children it helps.

Tanya Bednarczyk


* Complete list coming soon.
If you wish to be featured on this page, please submit a picture along with your HUHTC bio to contact@huhtc.org

Ukrainian Volunteers

Julie Vokaliuk

Julie Vokaliuk has gone through our HUHTC program as an orphan and is now managing the main office of our sister organization “Nove Pokolinnya” in Kyiv. She is one of our brilliant success stories.

Serhij Perepiatenko

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