Walkathon Week Four

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WEEK FOUR: Khmelnytskyj Oblast

The HUHTC Team has officially reached our halfway mark! This week we visited a 16th century castle, spread awareness about our cause at an ethno-cultural festival, gave several interviews and marvelled at all Ukraine has to offer!

A week spent in the historically important Khmelnytskyj Oblast – we encountered castles and festivals along our trek.

An absolutely inspiring week!

The HUHTC Walk-A-Thon team has had a wonderful week in the oblast of Khmelnytsk. The weather became agreeable and we were able to spend some time exploring the beautiful host villages and historically significant sites we are trekking through.

The Walk-A-Thon Team has met many so many inspiring people along our route. We have spoken with everyone from regular citizens to orphanage directors to local dignitaries. The HUHTC team is always pleasantly surprised with how generous and helpful everyone is, and every once in a while we meet people along our route who want to get involved with the project. This week we were lucky enough to meet such a person – the Director of an Ethno-Festival held in Starokostyantyniv, over the weekend of Ivana Kupala. With 10,000 attendees annually, the director thought it was fitting that we spread awareness about our mission to improve the quality of life of Ukrainian Orphan Children to the people in attendance and hand out literature – which we were happy to do!

July 2018

Day 31

Day 31: a day spent visiting orphanages

Our team had an emotion-filled day, visiting various orphanages throughout Khmel’nytsk. Today they stopped in at the “Хмельницька загальноосвітня санаторна школа-інтернат 1-3 ступенів номер 2” and “Дитячий будинок Хмельницької обласної ради”.

We are happy that the director of the school agreed to have the children participate in our upcoming summer camp! 🙂

Tomorrow, the walking continues!

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Ethno-cultural Festival (Івана Купала)

В 29й день ходотону ми відвідали Етно-фестиваль «Івана Купала» в Староконстянтинові в замку Князів Острозьких. Нас гостинно і з пошаною зустріла дирекція замку та мерія міста. Ми мали змогу розповісти про наш проект, який змінює життя дітей-сиріт протягом 25 років.
Фестиваль був дуже насичений, виступало багато ансамблів, гуртів з різних областей України. Також на фестивалі ми зустріли фантастично талановиту дитину-сироту, вона виступала як учасниця фестивалю. Ми дізнались ЇЇ історію та запросили до себе на літній табір.
За весь час фестивалю ми поспілкувалися з великою кількістю людей, роздали наші листівки з яких вони можуть отримати більше інформації про наш проект «Крок у майбутнє для дітей-сиріт» і загалом про нашу діяльність.
Ми дуже вдячні директору замку Острозьких, за те що ми мали змогу прийняти участь в етнофестивалі, відвідати місцеві культурні місця старовинного міста Староконстянтинів.
Вечір завершився традиційною ватрою і святковим фаершоу 

Day 32

On July 10, our walkathon team visited a children’s group home of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council. We were incredibly impressed with the cozy conditions created for children. The director of the orphanage introduced us to the kids, some of which were invited to join us at summer camp!

At the orphanage, we were greeted by the advisor of the head of the regional state administration Svetlana Pavlyshyn, the Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science of the Regional State Administration Tetyana Duplyak and the director of the institution, Oksana Verysova.

There are currently 6 groups made up of 15 children each in the institution. When forming groups, the orphanage ensures that siblings are not separated, and the staff goes above and beyond to create a safe and welcoming family environment for everyone!


These photos are from our visit to the Khmelnitsky orphanage-boarding school. While there were no children that day, we talked with the director of this institution, and were impressed.

We learned that several graduates of this institution went to fight in Ukraine’s east. Unfortunately, one died in Ilovaysk, defending Ukraine. In his honour, a memorial plaque was installed on the school’s wall. He is a hero and an example for the children who are studying there.