Week Two

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With our team as they travel from Kyiv and ending in Vorokhta.


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Week Two: Zhytomyrs’ka Oblast

A visit to “Lisova Pisnya” summer retreat for orphans with some of our Canadian supporters, a visit to an orphanage in the village of Tetertivska with Mykola Kuleba, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s rights and a trip to the Emergency room!

It isn’t glamorous, but it is home for 6 more weeks!

An Important Visit with Mykola Kuleba

The HUHTC Team visited Teterivsky Orphanage with the Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights, Mykola Kuleba. A long time HUHTC supporter, Mr. Kuleba, the HUHTC Team and the Orphanage Staff discussed reforms and the pilot projects initiated in Zhytomyr Oblast. The children and young adults were inspirational: a very productive and insightful day!


The driving force behind the HUHTC Walk-A-Thon Team had an unfortunate accident on Day 10! However, a broken bone is no match for our will to keep on walking for Ukraine’s most vulnerable children, and the team is in great spirits!

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SUMMER CAMP 2018: As the Walk-A-Thon Team keeps walking, the rest of the HUHTC family is busy gearing up for Summer Camp. Please consider donating if you can!

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