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[separator top=”20″] [tagline_box title=”Winter Camp” description=”Since 2003, Winter Camp allows orphaned children experience Christmas and all it’s traditions in a loving family atmosphere, in Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine. Children are supplied with lift tickets, ski rental and instruction at the nearby Bukovel Ski Resort.”][/tagline_box]

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[accordian] [toggle title=”Winter Camp” open=”yes”] Winter Camp gives children (ages 13-16) the unique opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a family atmosphere, away from their orphanages. During their 10 day stay, they share a traditional Christmas dinner, exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols door to door , and enjoy skiing with instruction in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains.
It is an unforgettable experience aimed at developing the children’s understanding of their national identity and provides social rehabilitation.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Facts”]For many children, Christmas is a very difficult time of year. Coming from broken families or not having anyone close care for them at all, they rarely have the opportunity to celebrate in a loving environment, with the enchantment surrounding giving gifts, feeling loved, ceaseless laughter, warm meals and wonderful tradition. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Workshops”] Our Winter Camp workshops include ski instruction at Bukovel, a mountainous resort near by, art therapy, psychological and social rehabilitation, and traditional activities such as door to door Christmas Carolling. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Our Success”] It is truly amazing to see children on skiis for the first time, having accomplished something they never thought possible. The loving atmosphere at our large Christmas dinner is impossible to describe. For many children it is their first authentic, traditional, Ukrainian Christmas dinner, around a table of caring and compassionate volunteers. It is simply beautiful. We have many children come back as volunteers to our Winter and Summer Camps! They join our staff, having made a choice and commitment to help others along the same path. [/toggle] [/accordian]
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Ukrainian Culture

The official language of the camp is Ukrainian and there is an emphasis made to teach children the beauty, value and importance of tradition. Children are encouraged to speak Ukrainian and learn traditional songs. The Children go door to door Christmas carolling and learn about all kinds of interesting symbolism found in Ukrainian cultural traditions.


Health & Wellbeing

At camp, the children’s health is looked after. On the first day, all children undergo a thorough medical and dental exam. Our volunteer doctors look after coughs, colds and other aches and pains, ready to stitch wounds & to provide some much needed care.

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Health Education

Children learn about hygiene, first aid, smoking, addictions, and AIDS prevention. AIDS in Ukraine is one of the fastest growing epidemics in the wold, and has one of the the highest rates of infection Europe.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation is a serious issue for Ukraine. Many orphans fall prey to traffickers after ‘graduation’. Building awareness is an important first step in preventing the trafficking of girls and boys from this area.

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Psychological & Spiritual Me

Orphans who leave their orphanage do not have a family to provide them with emotional support.These workshops help them raise their self awareness and self confidence by improving their communication skills and helping them find their place in society.


Art Instruction

There is a variety of art instruction available at camp, ranging from pottery, theatre, painting, singing, dancing and more. The children learn it’s ok to let loose and find different avenues of self expression.

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